Friday, September 5, 2008

Development of Interactive Multimedia

An Intermediate Process

Software Development Process

  • Instructional process
  • Media - Development phase
  • Concern with
  • instructional content
  • software development

Development process

  • Analysis and planning
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance and support

Analysis and planning

  • Set goals
  • Specify final application requirements
  • Develop a work plan to carry out
  • What it must do and how it will be built
  • Set the target and how it will be reached

Work plan

  • Time, tasks, and resources
  • Resources - personnel, equipment, materials, outside services
  • What and when needed

Requirements specifications

  • Features: look and feel
  • Time factors: milestones, delivery dates
  • Details of how the application will be built
  • Reviewable by senior management

Functional design

  • What the application will do
  • What the application will look like
  • Considering the constraints
  • Lays out exactly what the application will be able to do feature by feature.
  • Read, comment, revise, approve

Technical design

  • Before work begins!!!!!
  • Breakup into modules
  • Plan flow of data between modules
  • Development tools and libraries
  • File formats
  • A blueprint for implementing what is described in the functional design


  • Polish ideas
  • Agree on user interface
  • Paper, authoring platform, programming
  • Goal - see and test before coding begins
  • Find design flaws
  • No perfect prototype
  • Gain knowledge to begin
  • Diminishing returns


  • Application is built
  • Iterative and additive
  • Release versions, build on each other
  • Phases
  • Alpha - functional design
  • Beta - fine-tune user interface, freeze
  • Gamma - data preparation, final


  • Incremental building
  • Functionality increased
  • Full & complete interface in demonstrable form
  • Small sample set of text, graphics, sounds, "place holders"


  • Full design, alpha version, reviewed and user tested
  • Final revisions identified, prioritized and approved
  • Functional design frozen
  • Stop feature creep
  • Final - few serious flaws, relatively finished


  • Data preparation complete
  • Final quality assurance begins feature by feature

Quality assurance testing

  • Ensure quality and reliability
  • Prior to release
  • Concludes with final release
  • Ready to copy
  • Field testing
  • Sent to site

Support and maintenance

  • Assistance from the company
  • Doesn’t work
  • Planned before problems arise
  • Maintenance - improve and fix
  • Planned from the beginning

Design process

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